2 thoughts on “Community pledges to fight project that would use glyphosate before planting tea trees near wilderness”

  1. re use of Glyphosphate to remove pasture .
    I was a grape grower in S.A. using Roundup for past 20yrs+. Under vines it was our greatest tool in weed control. Birds sit on vine posts and leave every weed seed imaginable. Used when weeds are in an early stage, lower rates of Glyphosphate can be used, then mid-rows slashed and thrown under vine rows feeding earthworms and beneficial bacteria.
    Every year we had a compulsory chemical check by the winery testing the grapes for almost every known chemical as the wine was exported. Results always came back clean and free from chemicals.
    Spray drift can be a problem but if sprayed professionally there should be no problems.
    I can not see where there is a problem where Glyphosphate is sprayed responsibly.


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