Health forum future in doubt

The August 12, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The future of Silver Chain’s Walpole Healthy Community Forum is in doubt after the resignation of its Chair David Edmonds and the rumoured resignation of other Forum members;
  • A batch of Infinity-brand electrical cables could cause fires and shocks as early as 2016;
  • How Horseyard Hill got its name;
  • The 2015 Variety NSW Bass Hill to Bunbury Bash honked and rattled into Walpole Monday morning;
  • The day Walpole fielded an “All Blacks” soccer team;

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Town Jetty delayed again

The August 5, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The new Walpole Town Jetty is now expected to be open in the second half of August but it will be “awesome”;
  • Labor MLA and Shadow Environment Minister, Chris Tallentire, weighs in on the container deposit scheme debate;
  • There’s a double threat to the Walpole Inlet foreshore and a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of persons responsible for the illegal clearing of Shire reserve land;
  • Stakeholders are frustrated by the delay in extending presumptive legislation to compensate Department of Parks & Wildlife, retired, and volunteer firefighters who contract cancer;
  • Walpole Blue Wren darts star Kim Kelly has been picked to represent Australia at the World Cup in Turkey;

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Great Southern science in focus

The July 29, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Some of the leading scientists in the Great Southern, including Karlene Bain of the Walpole-Nornalup National Parks Association, will present a wide range of fascinating topics in Albany next month at the Great Southern, Great Science Symposium;
  • Demand for water in the South West is set to double over the next 50 years but Denmark will have a water recycling scheme by the end of 2018;
  • Walpole women were the “mainspring” of the cattle industry according to a roving reporter for the Western Mail in 1946;

And more. Download the July 29, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3MB).July-29-2015-cover


Shark Attacks, are they really on the rise?

The July 22nd, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue

    • Tips to help keep you safe from Shark attacks;
    • Department of Regional Development  seek feedback on Royalties for Regions funding;
    • Luda Korczynskyj’s Peace Project takes another step forward;
    •  Tim Winton’s Breath producers seek local surf talent;
    • Container-deposit legislation,  Redman’s response;
    • Edward Roocke’s Outward Bound adventure and the benefits to his life since ;
      And much more … Download the July 22nd, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3MB)

Farewell Geordie

The July 15th, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Walpole pays tribute to ‘Geordie’ Albert George Whitwell;
  • 94.5 Mix showcases Walpole produce and attractions;
  • Simon Baker to film Tim Winton’s Breath in WA;
  • Dairy partnership aligns industry with natural resource management;
  • Health Alert- Symbion, in consultation with the TGA, is recalling six batches of ibuprofen and paracetamol products;
    And much more … Download the July 15th, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 5MB)July-15-2015-cover

Mix 94.5 Live from Walpole

The July 8, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Perth radio station to broadcast live from Walpole;
  • The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial declared of National significance;
  • The committee, staff and volunteers of the Walpole Community Resource Centre vow to go Dry this July;
  • Regional Development Minister Terry Redman officially launches South-West Regional Blueprint an initiative that is supported by $362million of Royalties for Regions funding;
  • A ground-breaking radio telescope project in remote Western Australia has  captured a signal emitted before the solar system was born;
  • Take a step back in time to October 9, 1948;
    And much more … Download the July 8, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 5MB)

DPaW “committed” to Marine Park?

The July 1, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife​ (DPaW) responds to the Weekly‘s queries regarding the probable axing of the Walpole & Nornalup Inlets Marine Park coordinator position;
  • Mobile coverage set to improve?;
  • Jenny Willcox shares her disappointment with Silver Chain’s Community Bus service;
  • Walpole Nornalup St Johns fights above its weight with a new ambulance;
  • Michael Filby suggests the time has come for container deposit legislation;
    And much more … Download the July 1, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4MB).


Marine Park to be rudderless?

The June 24, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Walpole & Nornalup Inlets Marine Park Coordinator position rumoured to be terminated and stakeholders are unimpressed;
  • Walpole Town Jetty opening delayed;
  • Gerner’s first Black Périgord truffle;
  • Molly Smith honours Walpole’s first Visitor Centre manager, Doreen Whale;
  • Lower Great Southern Women’s Golf Association Zone Championship 2015 forced to “swing or swim” at the Walpole Country Club.

    And much more … Download the June 24, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3MB).



GP service won’t change—for now

The June 17, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Denmark Medical Centre CEO Chris Swarts says the GP medical service his organisation provides won’t change but that its sustainability is “under threat”;
  • Joel Pedro of North Walpole checks in from a fast-flowing Greenland ice stream;
  • Walpole CRC trainee Mimma Thompson describes her adventures on the high seas with the STS Leeuwin II;
  • Department of Parks & Wildlife staff describe how a message in a bottle made its way from Rottnest Island to the beach at Blue Holes;
  • Local artists Liz Edmonds and Penny Jewell will headline the Tree Top Walk exhibit as part of the Southern Art and Craft Trail;
  • More than 85 women wielding clubs will descend upon Walpole this weekend;

And much more … Download the June 17, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB).


Walpole without doctors?

The June 10, 2015, Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Healthcare services in Walpole may be drastically cut back from July 1;
  • The Shire of Manjimup on Monday discovered the illegal clearing of a hectare of land along the Walpole foreshore;
  • The Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) is radio-tracking pigs in the Walpole Wilderness;
  • “Juggy” Jim Love has retired after 14 years with DPaW;
  • The BTH Ladies raised $1,150 for cancer research;
  • Local footballer Cohen Taylor was adjudged best on ground as Nyoogar Country thrashed Yamatji Sharks in the Stephen Michael Cup;

And much more … Download the June 10, 2015, Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB).June-10-2015-cover