Coalmine Beach Boat Ramp to remain open

Contrary to what was advertised in the October 7, 2015 Walpole Weekly, the Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) wish to advise that the works in the vicinity of the Coalmine Beach Boat Ramp, October 12-16, have been postponed until further notice.

Please note the boat ramp and lower car park will remain open over this period of time

DPaW apologises for any inconvenience.

If you require further information please contact DPaW on 9840 0400.

Local priorities according to Rick Wilson

The October 7, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this issue:

  • The first installment of a two-part email interview with Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson MP. Mr Wilson talks about his background and the priority issues for Walpole & Districts;
  • Kate O’Brien speaks up for the Walpole & Nornalup inlets;
  • Local St John Ambulance volunteer Dennis Hall clarifies confusion around a September 13 ‘000’ call out;
  • Bernie Clark is bestowed Life Membership of Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue;
  • Walpole celebrates 85 years;
  • Thomas Gerner wins Walpole’s first 3D Art Awards;

And more. Download the October 7, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 5 MB).October-7-2015-cover


Walpole ready to celebrate 85 years

The September 30, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • Historical Society President Elizabeth Shaw reports on the arrangements made for the 85th Anniversary & Reunion Celebration of the Walpole Land Settlement Scheme to take place this weekend;
  • Walpole Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (VFRS) Captain Rhonda Perpoli appealed for new recruits at a community networking event last week;
  • The majority of attendees at the same event said they supported the controversial clearing of the Walpole Inlet foreshore;
  • Alex Williams lends his support to Cr Kelli Gillies of the Shire of Denmark’s Kent/Nornalup Ward despite differing views on a rates-payer funded pool;
  • Michael Filby says the rubbish in a Shire of Denmark parkbay is a disgrace;
  • Molly Smith looks back at what happened at Walpole’s 50th anniversary celebrations in October 1980;
  • The Walpole Blue Wrens are the 2015 Denmark Riverside Ladies Darts League champions;

And more. Download the September 30, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 6 MB).September-30-2015-cover

Controlled Wood certification is not a tick

The September 23, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council and Forest Products Commission both respond to last week’s Walpole Weekly cover story in very different ways;
  • Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) member and VMRWA South Coast Commander Alex Williams has been presented with the Department of Fire & Emergency Services Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution;
  • The Walpole Police Report by Jason Calleja features a cloud of bulldust;
  • Six Walpole & Districts representatives brought home gold and silver from a regional gymnastics championship on the weekend;

And more … Download the September 23, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB).


Green groups ticked off

The September 16, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • Led by Walpole & Districts local Jess Beckerling, green groups are ticked off with Forest Stewardship Council auditors for ticking off on karri logging that threatens the habitat of endangered species;
  • Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson has confirmed he stayed loyal to Tony Abbott in Monday’s Liberal Party leadership spill;
  • Walpole’s shortage of St John Ambulance volunteers was exposed on the weekend according to a Weekly reader;
  • The Warren Horsemen’s Club wants to develop horse riding trails in the Shannon National Park;
  • A young New Zealand fur seal chose Walpole’s brand new Town Jetty as a place it could rest and recuperate, temporarily closing down the $900,000 facility;

And much more … Download the September 16, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 5 MB).September-16-2015-cover

New Walpole Town Jetty open to the public

The September 9, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • The new $900,000 Walpole Town Jetty is open to the public;
  • The Shire of Manjimup’s “Environmental Vandalism” signage on Walpole Street has attracted strongly-worded letters to the Editor;
  • Gary Muir will show off his Phytofighter 3000 at a Great Southern Development Commission event;
  • Geoffrey Newby considers the Syrian refugee crisis;
  • Creative activities are in the final stages of planning and preparation, including the 3D Art Award and ‘Glimpse’ exhibit;
  • A local working dog and Shetland pony star in Weekly Sports;

And much more … Download the September 9, 2015 edition (PDF 5 MB).September-9-2015-cover

“Environmental vandalism”

The September 2, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • A resident of Walpole Street is unimpressed by Shire of Manjimup signage that has been erected opposite his house;
  • Dung beetle and biochar trials in the Manjimup region have shown promise;
  • The Department of Fire & Emergency Services expects a “challenging” bushfire season in 2015/16;
  • A Peaceful Bay man bumped into a long lost son during a camping trip;
  • Local footballer Richard Cullinan has followed in the footsteps of AFL stars Jeremy McGovern and Aaron Sandilands by taking out a fairest & best award;

And more … Download the September 2, 2015 edition (PDF 4 MB).September-2-2015-cover

When you need the Police …

The August 26, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • If you need Walpole Police assistance don’t text them or post to Facebook and definitely do NOT send strangers to officers’ homes;
  • Honey bees are under threat says the CSIRO as it leads an international initiative to find out why;
  • The Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue group has a shiny new tow vehicle;
  • What goes on in St George’s Anglican Church? Geoffrey Newby enlightens us;
  • The Denmark-Walpole Football Club seniors, reserves, and colts teams are through to the finals;

And more … Download the August 26, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB)August-26-2015-cover

Our $10 billion “Great Southern Reef”

The August 19, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s edition:

  • A 71,000 sq. km biological and economic powerhouse—the “Great Southern Reef”—lies at Walpole & Districts’ doorstep, but is it really a “reef”?
  • The Walpole-Nornalup St John Ambulance volunteers need your help writes Dennis Hall;
  • NBN Co is unable to say when fixed wireless broadband will be available in Walpole & Districts;
  • Jack Jennings recalls a time when litter meant pocket money for children;
  • More local history remembered in the lead-up to the Walpole Land Settlement 85th Anniversary & Reunion, October 3-4;

And more. Download the August 19, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB).August-19-2015-cover



Health forum future in doubt

The August 12, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The future of Silver Chain’s Walpole Healthy Community Forum is in doubt after the resignation of its Chair David Edmonds and the rumoured resignation of other Forum members;
  • A batch of Infinity-brand electrical cables could cause fires and shocks as early as 2016;
  • How Horseyard Hill got its name;
  • The 2015 Variety NSW Bass Hill to Bunbury Bash honked and rattled into Walpole Monday morning;
  • The day Walpole fielded an “All Blacks” soccer team;

And more. Download the August 12, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3 MB).August-12-2015-cover