Walpole ready to celebrate 85 years

The September 30, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • Historical Society President Elizabeth Shaw reports on the arrangements made for the 85th Anniversary & Reunion Celebration of the Walpole Land Settlement Scheme to take place this weekend;
  • Walpole Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (VFRS) Captain Rhonda Perpoli appealed for new recruits at a community networking event last week;
  • The majority of attendees at the same event said they supported the controversial clearing of the Walpole Inlet foreshore;
  • Alex Williams lends his support to Cr Kelli Gillies of the Shire of Denmark’s Kent/Nornalup Ward despite differing views on a rates-payer funded pool;
  • Michael Filby says the rubbish in a Shire of Denmark parkbay is a disgrace;
  • Molly Smith looks back at what happened at Walpole’s 50th anniversary celebrations in October 1980;
  • The Walpole Blue Wrens are the 2015 Denmark Riverside Ladies Darts League champions;

And more. Download the September 30, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 6 MB).September-30-2015-cover

Controlled Wood certification is not a tick

The September 23, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council and Forest Products Commission both respond to last week’s Walpole Weekly cover story in very different ways;
  • Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) member and VMRWA South Coast Commander Alex Williams has been presented with the Department of Fire & Emergency Services Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution;
  • The Walpole Police Report by Jason Calleja features a cloud of bulldust;
  • Six Walpole & Districts representatives brought home gold and silver from a regional gymnastics championship on the weekend;

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Green groups ticked off

The September 16, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • Led by Walpole & Districts local Jess Beckerling, green groups are ticked off with Forest Stewardship Council auditors for ticking off on karri logging that threatens the habitat of endangered species;
  • Federal Member for O’Connor Rick Wilson has confirmed he stayed loyal to Tony Abbott in Monday’s Liberal Party leadership spill;
  • Walpole’s shortage of St John Ambulance volunteers was exposed on the weekend according to a Weekly reader;
  • The Warren Horsemen’s Club wants to develop horse riding trails in the Shannon National Park;
  • A young New Zealand fur seal chose Walpole’s brand new Town Jetty as a place it could rest and recuperate, temporarily closing down the $900,000 facility;

And much more … Download the September 16, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 5 MB).September-16-2015-cover

New Walpole Town Jetty open to the public

The September 9, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • The new $900,000 Walpole Town Jetty is open to the public;
  • The Shire of Manjimup’s “Environmental Vandalism” signage on Walpole Street has attracted strongly-worded letters to the Editor;
  • Gary Muir will show off his Phytofighter 3000 at a Great Southern Development Commission event;
  • Geoffrey Newby considers the Syrian refugee crisis;
  • Creative activities are in the final stages of planning and preparation, including the 3D Art Award and ‘Glimpse’ exhibit;
  • A local working dog and Shetland pony star in Weekly Sports;

And much more … Download the September 9, 2015 edition (PDF 5 MB).September-9-2015-cover

“Environmental vandalism”

The September 2, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out. In this issue:

  • A resident of Walpole Street is unimpressed by Shire of Manjimup signage that has been erected opposite his house;
  • Dung beetle and biochar trials in the Manjimup region have shown promise;
  • The Department of Fire & Emergency Services expects a “challenging” bushfire season in 2015/16;
  • A Peaceful Bay man bumped into a long lost son during a camping trip;
  • Local footballer Richard Cullinan has followed in the footsteps of AFL stars Jeremy McGovern and Aaron Sandilands by taking out a fairest & best award;

And more … Download the September 2, 2015 edition (PDF 4 MB).September-2-2015-cover

When you need the Police …

The August 26, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • If you need Walpole Police assistance don’t text them or post to Facebook and definitely do NOT send strangers to officers’ homes;
  • Honey bees are under threat says the CSIRO as it leads an international initiative to find out why;
  • The Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue group has a shiny new tow vehicle;
  • What goes on in St George’s Anglican Church? Geoffrey Newby enlightens us;
  • The Denmark-Walpole Football Club seniors, reserves, and colts teams are through to the finals;

And more … Download the August 26, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB)August-26-2015-cover

Our $10 billion “Great Southern Reef”

The August 19, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s edition:

  • A 71,000 sq. km biological and economic powerhouse—the “Great Southern Reef”—lies at Walpole & Districts’ doorstep, but is it really a “reef”?
  • The Walpole-Nornalup St John Ambulance volunteers need your help writes Dennis Hall;
  • NBN Co is unable to say when fixed wireless broadband will be available in Walpole & Districts;
  • Jack Jennings recalls a time when litter meant pocket money for children;
  • More local history remembered in the lead-up to the Walpole Land Settlement 85th Anniversary & Reunion, October 3-4;

And more. Download the August 19, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 4 MB).August-19-2015-cover



Health forum future in doubt

The August 12, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The future of Silver Chain’s Walpole Healthy Community Forum is in doubt after the resignation of its Chair David Edmonds and the rumoured resignation of other Forum members;
  • A batch of Infinity-brand electrical cables could cause fires and shocks as early as 2016;
  • How Horseyard Hill got its name;
  • The 2015 Variety NSW Bass Hill to Bunbury Bash honked and rattled into Walpole Monday morning;
  • The day Walpole fielded an “All Blacks” soccer team;

And more. Download the August 12, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3 MB).August-12-2015-cover

Town Jetty delayed again

The August 5, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • The new Walpole Town Jetty is now expected to be open in the second half of August but it will be “awesome”;
  • Labor MLA and Shadow Environment Minister, Chris Tallentire, weighs in on the container deposit scheme debate;
  • There’s a double threat to the Walpole Inlet foreshore and a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of persons responsible for the illegal clearing of Shire reserve land;
  • Stakeholders are frustrated by the delay in extending presumptive legislation to compensate Department of Parks & Wildlife, retired, and volunteer firefighters who contract cancer;
  • Walpole Blue Wren darts star Kim Kelly has been picked to represent Australia at the World Cup in Turkey;

And much more! Download the August 5, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3 MB)


Great Southern science in focus

The July 29, 2015 Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Some of the leading scientists in the Great Southern, including Karlene Bain of the Walpole-Nornalup National Parks Association, will present a wide range of fascinating topics in Albany next month at the Great Southern, Great Science Symposium;
  • Demand for water in the South West is set to double over the next 50 years but Denmark will have a water recycling scheme by the end of 2018;
  • Walpole women were the “mainspring” of the cattle industry according to a roving reporter for the Western Mail in 1946;

And more. Download the July 29, 2015 Walpole Weekly (PDF 3MB).July-29-2015-cover