Town Jetty to close for two months

The April 22, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Walpole can look forward to a new floating jetty and two new concrete boat ramps on July 3, which is when Town Jetty is scheduled to reopen after a two-month closure;
  • The Walpole Community Resource Centre is offering local livestock producers the use of a scanning wand so that they may comply with NLIS database requirements;
  • Walpole’s top cop Sgt David Wall reminds motorists to adhere to school zone speed limits;
  • Michael Filby picks up the roadside rubbish exposed by February’s fires;
  • Walpole-Nornalup National Parks Association members have gone batty;
  • Pics from MARSAREX;

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Walpole to host marine rescue exercises

The April 15, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Walpole will host a MARSAREX this Sunday, April 19, and is the perfect place to do so says VMRWA South Coast Commander Alex Williams;
  • Peaceful Bay gets a jetty after 20 years of waiting;
  • Suspects in the Strickland St, Denmark bank robbery of April 8 have been arrested;
  • Lions International is determined to open a Lions Club in Walpole;
  • DAFWA’s Jodie Whitfield advises small landholders on what to do post-Easter;
  • Local champion athlete Brenda Painter has returned from the Aussie Masters with two gold and a bronze;

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Bushfires take toll on Track

The April 8, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly is out now. In this week’s issue:

  • Plans are underway to bring the Bibbulmun Track back to full operation in the aftermath of February’s bushfires;
  • The Lions organisation wants to open a club in Walpole;
  • Jarrah Glen Lifestyle Village leasehold units are now available to over 55s;
  • Walpole & Districts enjoyed a clear view of the lunar eclipse on April 4;
  • Geoffrey Newby reviews “The Book That Made Your World”;
  • Walpole Primary School Principal Chris Cook asks drivers and parents to watch out for young children on our roads;
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Royalties for regional burning?

Download the April 1, 2015 edition of the Walpole Weekly (PDF 5 MB)

  • Is prescribed burning an appropriate use of Royalties for Regions funds?
  • We take a look at official climate projections to June 2015 … and for the remainder of the 21st century!
  • A thriving water rat population means healthy waterways;
  • Jim Clark has published his memoirs;
  • Diane Beckingham marvels at the flowering grass trees along the South Western Highway and tells us a bit about them in her Nature Notes;
  • Molly Smith looks back at how the Walpole Country Club came to be;
  • The Tree Top Walk and Walpole CRC have organised lots of fun and inspiring activities for kids these Easter school holidays;
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Smoke in the water; benzene too?

North Walpole resident Louis Beckerling noticed that the water in his rainwater tank tasted smokey so he investigated its implications.

Concerned that there might be unhealthy levels of the carcinogenic chemical compound benzene in his water supply, Mr Beckerling called the Department of Health who referred him to the Shire of Manjimup.

In an emailed follow-up to a telephone conversation, the Shire’s Environmental Health Technician Sheri Laba informed Mr Beckerling that the Shire can provide microbial testing, but chemical testing must be carried out independently.

“Unfortunately the associated costs are not covered,” Ms Laba wrote. “The cost for the Shire to come and take microbial samples would be $60, and results would take about a week.

“The Shire is currently exploring the option of providing 5000 litres of potable water to rural residents (not on scheme water) affected by the fire.

“Some research is being done to clarify the information required from land holders eg. tank damage, contamination of tank, fittings, access etc.”

Mr Beckerling understands that the Shire of Manjimup is trucking drinking water into Northcliffe and providing 5,000 litres per family.

“They will consider trucking water into Walpole depending on how many households are affected,” he said.

Cr Dave Tapley told the Weekly that he would raise the issue at a fires-related meeting with representatives of the Shire, which is tentatively planned to take place in Walpole on Friday (Feb 13).

He said he will attend Business After Hours at the Walpole CRC this evening (Feb 11 from 5:30pm) and will listen to any concerns Walpole & Districts residents may have.



Fire concerns eased at Community Hall

Favourable prevailing winds and large tracts of land north and northwest of Walpole that saw prescribed burning between a year and four years ago are two of the factors that combine to lessen authorities’ concerns about Walpole.

Nevertheless, as at 1:00 pm on February 6, North Walpole remains on a Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) “Watch & Act” alert while Walpole town is on an “Advice” level warning.

DPaW's Allison Donovan led the DPaW presentation to the community, answered questions from the floor, and at the conclusion of the meeting helped individuals better understand the maps on display.
DPaW’s Allison Donovan (left) led a DPaW presentation to the community, answered questions from the floor, and, at the conclusion of the meeting, helped individuals better understand the maps on display.

Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) Frankland District Manager Allison Donovan led a presentation and Q&A regarding the fires to the northeast of Walpole.

A few of the questions raised from the audience in the packed Community Hall that received definitive answers, included:

  • Western Power’s planned power outage for tomorrow (Feb 7) will not take place. It is unclear whether the planned outage on Feb 11 will occur.
  • The evacuation point for those who may need it has shifted from Walpole Sport & Recreation Centre to the equivalent facility in Denmark.
  • All National Parks and associated facilities in the area are closed to the public. The Walpole & Nornalup Inlets Marine Park remains open to boaters and fishos.

DPaW reiterates that DFES’ alert service at remains the primary, definitive source of information for the public.

Towards the end of the Q&A part of proceedings, Emergency Services Medallist Alex Williams asked the assembled to consider joining one of the volunteer emergency services, particularly the local Bush Fire and Fire & Rescue groups.